Ok, I am creating a website for a volunteer agency which will have each member of the agency having their own log in to our site and a set of profiles made based upon important key data based upon the specific profile within their user acct.

The Profiles I have so far are

User - Default USER profile in Drupal

Roster Information (Roster) Training Information (Training) Driving Certifications Information (Driver)

What I am needing is to create a view that shows the following

User Name (User) | ID # (Roster) | Name (Roster) | Truck 1 (Driver)| Truck 2 (Driver)

with one line per user what I am getting is

Username (User) | ID # (Roster) | Name (Roster) Username (User) | | Truck 1 (Driver)| Truck 2 (Driver)

Can someone assist in creating this view in such a way as each user has only one line based upon the PID located within the Profiles2 data for the 2 profiles referenced and linked with the users UID under the default drupal profile?



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