I set a URL alias for one of my content type pages. So now every 'newsroom' content type is at http://myurl.com/newsroom/name-of-article. That's perfect. But that page also has blocks that contain images and now the paths to those images are broken.

my block contains: scr="sites/default/files/mobile-nav.png"> but the page is trying to find the image at src="NEWSROOM/sites/default/files/mobile_nav.png"

The block that contains the image is on every page of the site because it's the mobile nav.

How do I change my url alias? Or what do I need to do to tell drupal how to find the images correctly while keeping the image path relative?


src="sites/default/files/mobile-nav.png"> should be src="/sites/default/files/mobile-nav.png">

Please note the additional "/" before "sites." Without the forward slash the image will always be called from wherever you're at on the site so if you were at say site.com/news/ it would look for the images in site.com/news/sites/default.... if you don't have the forward slash before sites.

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You should try to keep your code independent from your base path, so that if later on your install path changes to a subdirectory or another domain, paths will still work. Try this:

<?php global $base_path; ?>
... src="<?php print $base_path; ?>sites/default/files/mobile-nav.png"

$base_path contains the path to the Drupal installation (at least a "/" - see Drupal docs for details). Notice that it must be declared as global before use.

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