I have a site with different sections for separate projects. Some of the sections are just a single page with a project summary, but others are more involved with several pages. All the pages are created via a content type "projects." I have a term reference field in the content type in order to categorize which pages belong to which project.

What I'm trying to do is have a menu automatically generate for all the pages that belong to a specific project. I've found ways to create menus of terms, but I can't find a way to make a menu of nodes using the term.

Any ideas? -JB

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you should create a view which display only the nodes related to the current term. You'll have to play a bit with contextual arguments but it works. The simple way is to add a contextual argument to the term field.


i think I have the a similar goal.

For exemple I would have 2 differents content type "Story" and "tutorial" each of them have the common tag "potatoes".

I would like a menu item that link to a view that will display all the stories about potatoes and another to all the tutorial about potatoes.

I was thinking of using views for that but there is no "display format: Menu Item" so i'm stuck.

help please

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