I'm using Rules 7.x-2.6 and the way it works has changed a bit since I last saw.

I have a rule as follows:

A node has been flagged, under "Report content"


Send mail to [site:mail]

However, I'd like to, instead of sending directly to [site:mail], send an email to all users flagged with an "admin" role.

Now I know that I'll need to provide a loop do so, but my sticking point is generating the list of users to pass to the loop. So far, I have attempted to add a new action:

"Fetch entity by property"
Entity type: User
Property: User roles
Value: admin

But this doesn't seem to give me what I want in data selection, when passing it to the loop. Can someone recommend what they would set here?

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I have "Send mail to all users of a role" available when I add an action.

  • edit rule
  • click add action
  • Under system section select "Send mail to all users of a role"
  • Select role and save

enter image description here

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    – njp
    Jan 9, 2014 at 17:00

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