I have the following code:

$form['commerce_fieldgroup_pane__group_event_information']['field_event_information']['und'][0]['#markup'] = drupal_render(node_view($eventInfo['event']), 'teaser');

and for some reason, its printing out the node fine, but not printing the correct view mode, its always using full.

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I think you have a misplace parenthesis. You have

$form[...] = drupal_render(node_view($eventInfo['event']), 'teaser');

The view mode should be a parameter to node_view() and not drupal_render():

$form[...] = drupal_render(node_view($eventInfo['event'], 'teaser'));

As a side note, I don't think you need to explicity render the node and stuff it into a #markup. node_view() returns a render array with a #theme already defined, so you should be able to do:

$form['commerce_fieldgroup_pane__group_event_information']['field_event_information'][LANGUAGE_NONE][0] = node_view($eventInfo['event'], 'teaser');

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