Having a bilingual site here. Some nodes are translated and language switcher works fine. But the switcher block also shows up on nodes which aren't translated. Then the untranslated language link has a different styling.

How can I hide the switcher when there's no (other) translation of the node? I looked up variables in all preprocess functions without finding any indicators. What do I have to look for? And how then can I hide the switcher?

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In template.php add:

 * hide language switcher if en-gb is not set
function MYTHEME_links__locale_block(&$vars) {
  // made conditional if other languages are added later
  if(!isset($vars['links']['en-gb']['href'])) {
  // here is the condition
  if(count($vars['links']) <= 1) {
    return '';
  } else {
    return theme_links($vars);

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