I think this is a simple question. When I build a new node and add some meta-tags on this node, this meta-tags appears normally when I access the node directly (http://www.example.com/node/<id>, for example).

But, when a add this node on a page, and access the url of the page, the meta-tags do not appears on page.

I am using Drupal 7.24 and metatags (quick) module.


Update: It's not the same question as asked in Meta Tags on Frontpage and found a solution for my problem.

I needed to change a configuration in a specific page. So, I went to: Content > Page > Selected the Content > Edit > Variants > Panel > Content. Clicked on gear (right side) > Configuration > Selected Show Full Content.

  • are you using boost module ? and try to add this <?php print render($page['content']['metatags']); ?> in page.tpl and check it – Bala Jan 20 '14 at 18:55
  • Thanks for your reply @Bala! I've updated my question with the right answer for my problem because the team marked my question as duplicated. Anyway, thank you. – Ricardo Giaviti Jan 21 '14 at 23:27

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