We're currently using Aegir to manage sites, essentially, domains and sub domains. However, we have a need for sub sites. For e.g., domain.com would the parent, and the children sites would be domain.com/division1, domain.com/division2 and so. The databases could be the shared or not; themes could have a parent-child relationship or not. Looks like this is not in Aegir yet (although the university crowds are asking for it)

What options exists to create and manage sub sites using Drupal? How do folks typically do this? I looked at the subsite module, while looks like it is still in dev for D7.

Many thanks!

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Drupal sites in subdirectories are now fully supported in Aegir 2.x since version 2.0


We use the Domain Access module to do what your talking about.


This very question was brought up during DrupalCon Chicago when the Aegir maintainers were present. Their answer was that they didn't want to support this because it's a generally bad idea, and instead subdomains should be used.


Thank you all for the suggestions. We've decided to stick with Ægir's functionality for now, and see where that gets us.

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