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How to create a "history" of activity?

I've a site with users that can create and edit contents, vote, flag, comment, etc. I would like to have a page with a history of every action, something like: on day X user has create the content "...
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How to log and display all the users that have edited a node (without revisioning)?

We need to keep the usernames of the latest editors of content, along with the edit date. How can we do so? Or should we use custom code? We do not want to enable revisioning, as it is more complex ...
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Alternatives to Messaging and Notifications [closed]

I maintain a Drupal 6 site for a team of scuba-divers. Given the discontinued support for Drupal 6, I am looking at upgrading the site to Drupal 7. We primarily communicate by e-mail, so we have set ...
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Where is the Drupal Syslog module log file in Cpanel? [closed]

I disable dblog module and want to enable syslog module instead of it. After enabling that ,I can't see any drupal Log in error_log file in cpanel . what is reason? where is Drupal log file for ...
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How to send notification emails in a journal style "Newsletter"?

I am working on replace an existing, custom built website with a Drupal 7 site. In the existing website I've coded a more or less smart email-notification system which I like to re-build for the ...
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Extended Audit logs

I am using Audit log module for Drupal 8.5. But it looks the audits are very limited - i.e it audits only user updates and node updates. Not for creating templates, changing configurations, changing ...
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What's the difference between private message & message?

In my user backend I have a tab named 'messages' ( and a second named 'Private messages & invitation' ( For what I see private messages ...
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Which user related token(s) can be used to create a Rule for setting up a message type?

I have created few activity logs using the Message module. All works ok, but when I try to create a message type for example "username started following you on github". When setting up the rules for ...
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Is there any log or receipt or anything that message was sent to someone? [closed]

I'm in a situation where I'm supposed to testify (= proof) that a message (confirmation) was sent from our site (using Drupal 7). Is it possible to see it from anywhere? Does it register into hosting ...
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Commenting or replying a specific node without the possibility of commenting others?

I built a website sort of like an online directory for restaurants in my home town, and I am letting the users to leave their reviews about a specific restaurant, and what I need is to give access to ...
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