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How to redirect an anonymous user to the login form after a 403 error?

I want to redirect an anonymous user to the login form if such user encounters a 403 error. I have created event subscriber and this is my code, but I end up on loop on the current page. /** * ...
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How to restrict access to a node via node/12 and allow access via a path like content/sometitle?

Problem: I want to restrict direct node access using node number and allow access using pathauto alias to anonymous user. This user should be ...
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How to mark a Message as 'viewed' when a user sees it in a View?

I'm displaying a user's Messages (created with the Message module) in a View. I'd like to flag them once they're viewed and thought that a Rule could do this easily. I've set the Rules Event to "A ...
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Webform as a block only

When I crate a Webform I do have an option to make it available as a block as well. But in this case it creates a node as well. How can I create a Webform as a block only?
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How to redirect by adding something after pathauto url?

I am trying to do a simple thing. Whenever an anonymous user views a content , I want to redirect the user to node's-url/#overlay=signup So, how do I modify the URL to use #overlay=signup at the ...
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How can I set the view mode of a node through rules

I'd like to change the view mode of a node based on the role of a user and another flag in the node, and by using the Rules module. Since a call to display the node by default is full content, I ...
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How to change taxonomy term in field with Rules?

I have a field status that when user uploads a file, is populated by a taxonomy term "uploaded". Now when an administrator downloads the file I need the status field up change to taxonomy term ...
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Redirect page to existing field value

I am redirecting most of the pages of my old website to a new subdomain of the same domain, from to This new ...
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Which Rules Event in the Rules module gets triggered after clicking on a link?

If I click on a link in a node, I want to know which Rules Event in Rules gets triggered that I can use. Notes: On the home page, there are a lot of views blocks. So in that node title (or image or ...
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Rules module user/register

I keep getting spammed/attacked looking at reports/db. Anonymous users keep trying to go to /user/register (but I disabled registering). So being annoyed by anons still trying to going to that url, I ...
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How to tell what is being loaded on a Rules Content is viewed event

Is there a way I can see what exactly is being executed on a Rules Event of 'Content is viewed', followed by an action of page redirect to an external URL? Specifically if the content is actually ...
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Apache solr with rules module, on refresh, rule viewing node triggers it in search page

I'm building a site in free Acquia cloud env with apache solr running, I need to count when a node (for one content type) is being full displayed, that’s already working fine, but every time I refresh ...
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Which Rules Event can I use for automatic login from main site to sub site with same database after clicking on a link?

In the home page of main site, I am listing all the products. Buyer has logged into the main site and clicks on any product title or image, then I take the buyer to the corresponding sub domain ...
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I cannot see the Rules event "Page is going to be viewed"

I am looking for rules event "Page is going to be viewed" but I cannot see it; is there something I am missing? I'm using rules 7.23, I have panels enabled, and I want to use it to redirect ...
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What rule to use to redirect users, unless already redirected?

I'd like users with certain roles to be redirected to the page /civicrm when they login, unless they've already been redirected elsewhere. For example, an email might have a link that directs them to ...
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