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How to restrict access to a node via node/12 and allow access via a path like content/sometitle?

Problem: I want to restrict direct node access using node number and allow access using pathauto alias to anonymous user. This user should be ...
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How to redirect particular page after login via social networking site?

In my Drupal site I have placed a link in checkout page which takes to user/login. On successful login it redirects back to checkout page. For this I have used ?destination=checkout in the url. I have ...
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How to block / restrict a list of URLs using Rules?

I'm currently blocking access to some admin menu pages using the Rules module as follows: Events: Drupal is initializing Conditions: Data comparison > Data to compare:[site:current-page:url] then ...
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How to make "Page specific visibility settings" for blocks more flexible?

My problem is that depending on a running mode my Drupal website might have either regular permalinks, or pretty, aliased ones. And "Page specific visibility settings" for blocks on specific pages (...
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How to redirect based on matching a node field?

This question is somewhat similar to How to redirect based on views results? which I think gives me part of the answer I want. Basically my situation is this: I am migrating from an old xoops system ...
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Redirect to main view URL when no contextual filters are set

I have a view in drupal 7 with no contextual filters at all set. Let's say it is a simple list of nodes of the type "item" and that the url is I also have pathauto ...
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How to make the Rules module perform a redirect to an URL that includes a query string?

I have created Task nodes, and I want to redirect to the previous (source) page after creation of a new task. I don't want people to see the task node. That page includes a view of all tasks. For ...
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How to add a page redirect in Drupal htaccess file or otherwise?

I've built a Drupal website to a replace an old website (not in Drupal) and some of the pages changed urls. I need to create redirects for those pages. I've thought of using Drupal's .htaccess file ...
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How do I manage 404s for old paths?

We moved to Drupal from another CMS about a year ago, and we still get 100s of "page not found" log entries each day for paths that were for our old site that don't exist on the new site. By checking ...
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How do I perform a 301 redirect for all old .asp pages? [closed]

I am trying to figure out a way to redirect all the old .asp pages to a specific page in my Drupal site. Is there a way I can accomplish this with a web.config file? I cannot use a .htaccess file ...
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How to replace URL fragments?

I suppose this is more of a PHP question. I'm trying to work on some redirects that's outputting: http://localhost/mysite/?q=node/add/cmsdeliverable%3Ffield_demo_id_reference%3D1208 But what I need ...
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After "?" redirect, the url is cut, why?

I am using the Anonymous Redirect module to redirect to But when I refer a link like and log in, the url will be cut to I ...
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Entity Reference + View + security

I have this scenario in DRUPAL 7 A content type named "Students" with a field "Legal guardian" that references to a User (her/his legal guardian). A content type named "Reports" with a field "...
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