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How do I perform a redirect to a custom URL after login? [duplicate]

I am trying to redirect users to a custom URL after they logged in, but my code doesn't work. How do I redirect users after they logged in?
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How can I redirect a user after login to the current page? [duplicate]

I have a Drupal 8 site. And I have approximately 5 pages in a site. For example if a user hits login from the contact-us page the user should not redirect anywhere, they should stay on same page. How ...
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How does drupal 8 handles redirect respose? [duplicate]

Iam using a RedirectResponse in drupal 8 in my custom module when a user is logging in, $user = User::load(\Drupal::currentUser()->id()); $userRoles = $user->getRoles(); if(in_array('admin',$...
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Why do I get redirected to userpage after login? [duplicate]

I land on the user profile page when I login as user. I would like to land on the front page after login. How do I achieve that? This is my basic site settings:
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How to redirect user page to front page for specific roles

I want to redirect every users page to front page? like if user page url is /user/97 then it redirect to front page if user is not administrator. I want user page inaccessible to other users but only ...
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How to redirect a user on login?

I have a registration form, when submitted, the user gets logged in automatically. I want to redirect the users to a specific page on login. Whether they are logged in using the login form or through ...
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Redirect user after one-time-login

When users get an email with one time login link, they will arrive on a page to set their password (separated form via Password Separate Form) But once they click submit, it doesn't redirect them to ...
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Automatically load pending draft

I'm using drupal 8 and webform module (multistep). In the webform submission settings, i enabled submit several drafts which adds the 'save' button for saving the progress. When the user logs out and ...
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Constantly creating new Anonymous users

I find that my instance of drupal is always "creating" new anonymous users. I have an even on Create New User that simply logs the name to a file, and it is filled with entries like 2023-10-...
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There is no homepage URL

I have just started learning/working with Drupal and I am trying to build a theme for a website (something that has nothing to do with a blog other than the fact that the content is dynamically ...
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