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How to debug a rule that doesn't want to fire?

I have nodes that can be flagged with a global flag. When a node is updated I want a rule to unflag that node. Rules Event: After updating existing content Rules Action: Unflag a node. I then select ...
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Date field comparison in Rules

I'm trying to check if a date field value has been changed on a node update. (Rules Drupal 7) Here's my rule configuration: { "rules_node_update" : { "LABEL" : "Update", "PLUGIN" : "...
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Rules fatal error during update: Call to undefined method stdClass::events()

What I have tried: Clear Cache. Disabled module and enabled it. Try with registry_rebuild, module_missing_message_fixer, variablecheck modules. Still getting the below error when I try to run update....
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What's wrong in my rule for sending e-mails using VBO?

I am trying to send a mail to a set of users when a node is created, so I made a users view including VBO field and a rule for it. You can see the settings below. It's about D7. But when the rule ...
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How to create a rule triggered when saving a node to schedule sending an email at specified date?

I have a node of content type task which has a field reminder date. When the node is saved or updated, I want to schedule sending an email to list of users on reminder date. I have used the Rules ...
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How to eMail a file uploaded to a Webform to a sysadmin using the Rules module?

I have a webform where a user can upload a file to the webform. I would like to be able to email the file via Rules to a sysadmin. I know I can send it from Webform directly, but I am also needing to ...
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Commerce / Rules - commerce-order:mail is empty for anonymous users

I'm having trouble sending order notification emails to anonymous users. As a bare-bones test I have created a new rule which triggers on 'Completing the checkout process', checks if the current user ...
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Unpublish node based on date field with Rules

I'm trying to unpublish a node based on a date field with Rules. I've followed this tutorial but somehow it doesn't seem to work. Here's my Component: { "rules_unpublish_termin" : { "LABEL" : "...
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Rules: Event user has logged in won't trigger rule

I'm a newbie and using the Rules module, but Rules Event "user has logged in" won't trigger my rule. I can set any event to trigger a rule (for example, user has logged out), but if I change it to "...
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How to troubleshoot Rules when a required variable for an event is not provided?

I'm seeing a strange behavior on my site and I'm trying to figure out how to correct it. I have a rule that triggers on the event After updating an existing user account. This rule uses two ...
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How to investigate (and get control over) the execution order of 3 Rules working on the same action?

I have three Rules to do something after saving content. I need to know which one is executed first and how I can control this order? Is there a certain answer for this question?
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What might cause the unexpected workflow state changes after executing a rule?

I want to change the workflow state to draft from publish and unpublished the node on edit. I used rules for this: For Unpublish: For publish: When I edit a node and save it, workflow state changes ...
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'Access denied' to Content Type [closed]

I've a website that I didn't build that is giving me some trouble. A whole Content Type is returning "access denied" error when authenticated users try to view it (Guests can). The access is only ...
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How to hide a block in a view when an exposed filter is being applied?

I have built a view with exposed filters. There is a 'popular content' block on this page which I am controlling using the Context module ( I would like it so ...
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Why does Rules event 'After updating existing content' not result in 'Create a new comment'?

I've used Create a new entity for the Rules event After updating existing content, but nothing happens. Is it a bug? Update: Here is an export of my rule: { "rules_update_order" : { "LABEL" : "...
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