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Is there a simple way to notify users about new posts on the site?

I want my users to be able to "subscribe" to new content that is posted on my site. I've looked at the Notifications and Subscriptions modules and they are just massive! I've also looked at ...
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How to create a view of all recent activity on a site?

I want to create either a view or a module (preferably view) to display all recent activity on the site such as a new user joined in, a user read some article or blog, a user gained some points and so ...
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How to implement Facebook style Notifications for Organic Group posts? [closed]

I am using Organic Groups, Drupal Commons. If someone posts in group, then all the members should be notified like in Facebook with the number of notifications. Similar to this screenprint: How can I ...
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How to create audit trails/order revisions?

I've been working with Drupal Commerce for a few months now. As a non-profit, our organization hosts an e-commerce/e-learning site. We're a smaller organization with approx 20 staff users and <20,...
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How to make Drupal Commerce tokens available in the Commerce Message module?

In addition to the Drupal Commerce module, I installed the Commerce Message module for Drupal 7. Everything works fine so far. I created a new Rule to send a billing e-mail in addition to the order ...
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How to include order details in eMail notifications created with the Message module?

I am working with placing an order with the Commerce module in Drupal. When the order is confirmed, a notification will be send to the user with order details. Here I am using a rule like when an ...
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How to include IP address Token with Rules?

I would like to track IP address and User Agent when Rules sends out a email. How can I include the [current-user:ip-address] token and %server[HTTP_USER_AGENT] in „Send email“ rule? Unfortunately ...
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Flag Module: "Never Flagged" Status

Flag Module is a very effective module for tagging entities which - apparently - only handles two status: "flagged" and "unflagged", while I need now to know if an entity was even been flagged ...
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How to use the Message module to log site and user activity? [closed]

I am just unable to use the Message module or the Activity module to record the following activities and show them in a view. User A just got 10 points. User B just became User A's friend. User C ...
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How to add a notification when a relation or friends publish new content?

I want like Facebook notification add icon when a user relationships or flag friends ( User Relationships or Flag Friend module) published some new content. I followed this good tutorial who is the ...
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Change the rendered output of a Message entity

I'm using the Message module to create messages on certain events, for example, on forum node creation: "X has posted a new thread in the Y forum." I've got a view that spits all of these out. I ...
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How to get notifications in a new window when using the Mentions module?

I am using the Mentions module to be able to tag other users in a posts. I also installed the Rules module and made a new rule which sends email and shows a message on site if the logged in user is ...
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How to show picture of the user who triggered the rule for message activity?

I am using message module to record user activity on the site and displaying it through views. I am using rules module to trigger actions on certain events and show the relevant message. How I can ...
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