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Body Summary field showing literal ampersand character code in view

I have a Drupal 8 site where we've created a view, and decided to use the summary field instead of the trimmed body field, so that we could have more control over it. However, I got a bug report ...
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Check if a field is empty inside a twig paragraph template

I know how to check if a field is empty in a twig template (example node--lorem.html.twig): {% if node.field_lorem.value is not empty %} <p>not empty</p> {% else %} <p>...
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Show comment author e-mail in comment.html.twig

Anonymous users can leave their e-mail when posting a comment but how can I display this e-mail as a plain text value in the comment.html.twig?
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Hide/Show fields value in nodes

I have a content type = Article. There I have 2 field. What I want is, If field 1 is empty or does not contain any value, replace this field with field 2, (with same css and html structure) else keep ...
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how do I access raw URL from a File Field to render it in twig inside href? [duplicate]

I have a "Our Staff" Content Type, that includes a field for uploading an individual's CV as a PDF: field_cv_file I have created a View for this Content Type, then added it to page via Blocks The ...
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|slice filter does not work with special characters

I try to use the slice filter in order to limit a link to a specific amount of characters. The field that I render is a link field and my code is the following: {% set title_text = title|render|...
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how to just print the value of author in node template

There are some variables like author_name in node.html.twig of Drupal 8. {{ author_name }} will print something like below: <div><span><span>Basic</span></span></div&...
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How can I embed a view in a template when passing view name and parameters are passed as variables?

Inside my paragraph template I have variables which contain category id and view machine name. So when I print them like this: {{ content.field_category }} {{ content.field_view }} I get correct ...
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Why precisely the twig raw filter is unsecure?

Why precisely the twig raw filter is insecure in the drupal context? What would be an example of a potential threat ? And what need to be done on the ckeditor field format side to protect potential ...
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What's the best way to put in a link to a translated node in a D8 template? [closed]

There just has to be a better way to insert a link to an alternative translation than this: function THEME_preprocess_node(&$variables) { $node = &$variables['node']; // Current ...
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Get raw value of a block content

I have created several views. These views have a block display. If I use these blocks in my template, the views are rendered with all the wrappers / divs. In my block template, can I alter the output ...
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how to get values for my content type drupal 8

i have a problem to get values in my twig for my content type , i have just the '{{content}}' variable with a lot of arrays , how can i get for example my field 'field_image' ? <div{{ attributes....
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Applying trim to paragraph value

I have the following Paragraph template which displays a heading with a trailing orange dot. The field itself is a normal text field in Drupal. For some reason, there is a trailing space after the ...
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How can you separately get the name and the value of a field?

I want to get the key and the value of my row for example I have this: {{ content.field_nom }} but the out put is: my field name my value My question is how do you get 'my field name' alone ...
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