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Why precisely the twig raw filter is unsecure?

Why precisely the twig raw filter is insecure in the drupal context? What would be an example of a potential threat ? And what need to be done on the ckeditor field format side to protect potential ...
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Twig Template - Div Element Being Inserted in Link URL [duplicate]

I have a link field type that I'm referencing in a Twig template. I'm using this code: <div class="outlined"> <a href="{{content.field_3_column_image_link}}">{{content....
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Applying trim to paragraph value

I have the following Paragraph template which displays a heading with a trailing orange dot. The field itself is a normal text field in Drupal. For some reason, there is a trailing space after the ...
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Check if a field is empty inside a twig paragraph template

I know how to check if a field is empty in a twig template (example node--lorem.html.twig): {% if node.field_lorem.value is not empty %} <p>not empty</p> {% else %} <p>...
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How to get field value from paragraph entity in twig?

Is it possible to get the value from the field inside the paragraph in the red rectangle. This code part is placed within a twig-template "field--block-content--field-example.html.twig" {% ...
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How to use a Twig variable as View name in drupal_view() Twig Tweaks function? [duplicate]

This works: {{ drupal_view('nursing_resource_blog_teasers', 'block_1') } But this doesn't: {% set view_name = "nursing_resource_blog_teasers" %} {{ drupal_view(view_name , 'block_1') } It ...
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Twig escapes tags when using raw value in template

I am printing fields in a node template, but Twig is escaping my tags and ruining my day. My .tpl looks like this: <blockquote> <p class="title">{{ content.field_myfield.0 }}</p&...
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How can I embed a view in a template when passing view name and parameters are passed as variables?

Inside my paragraph template I have variables which contain category id and view machine name. So when I print them like this: {{ content.field_category }} {{ content.field_view }} I get correct ...
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How can you separately get the name and the value of a field?

I want to get the key and the value of my row for example I have this: {{ content.field_nom }} but the out put is: my field name my value My question is how do you get 'my field name' alone ...
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how to get values for my content type drupal 8

i have a problem to get values in my twig for my content type , i have just the '{{content}}' variable with a lot of arrays , how can i get for example my field 'field_image' ? <div{{ attributes....
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how do I access raw URL from a File Field to render it in twig inside href? [duplicate]

I have a "Our Staff" Content Type, that includes a field for uploading an individual's CV as a PDF: field_cv_file I have created a View for this Content Type, then added it to page via Blocks The ...
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Body Summary field showing literal ampersand character code in view

I have a Drupal 8 site where we've created a view, and decided to use the summary field instead of the trimmed body field, so that we could have more control over it. However, I got a bug report ...
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how to just print the value of author in node template

There are some variables like author_name in node.html.twig of Drupal 8. {{ author_name }} will print something like below: <div><span><span>Basic</span></span></div&...
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How to get value from {{ item.content }} [duplicate]

I have a node named "reviews" and a custom field named "field_rating". I created a field template named field--node--field_rating--reviews.html.twig. I want inside the node to change the color with ...
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Get raw value of a block content

I have created several views. These views have a block display. If I use these blocks in my template, the views are rendered with all the wrappers / divs. In my block template, can I alter the output ...
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