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How do I convert special characters into html in twig

I have some list items in drupal 8 which created by item_list template.I am sending some <a> tagged data to the item_list template. My idea was to get the output as <a href="/this-is-new.html"...
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How do I access field data in Twig?

I have a list field for a custom block type that looks like this: left|Align left right|Align right I can access the key in Twig by doing something like this: {% block content %} {{ content....
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How to test for a boolean field in a twig template?

field_boolean is a boolean field. {% if content.field_boolean == true %} or {% if content.field_boolean == 1 %} or {% if content.field_boolean == 'true' %} or {% if content.field_boolean == '1' %} ...
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Body Summary field showing literal ampersand character code in view

I have a Drupal 8 site where we've created a view, and decided to use the summary field instead of the trimmed body field, so that we could have more control over it. However, I got a bug report ...
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How to get value from {{ item.content }} [duplicate]

I have a node named "reviews" and a custom field named "field_rating". I created a field template named field--node--field_rating--reviews.html.twig. I want inside the node to change the color with ...
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twig if Term ID is something, then do something

I have a taxonomy called Fish and 2 terms in it. Bass and Gold. I have a term reference field on a Page node, and its a select list. The editor can select either Bass or Gold. And I want display ...
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How to show/hide the prefix/suffix for fields?

Sometimes in theming I want to programmatically hide the prefix or suffix of numeric fields. How can I do so?
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Can't seem to find a way to have & in a term description show up as &

In a site on D9. I have a vocabulary that has titles as the term descriptions. One of the term descriptions is This & That No matter what I try, the & is converted to & in CKeditor4. This ...
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How can you render fields from an entity reference in node templates? [Drupal 8]

For context, I'm dealing with two content types: article and team_profile. In article nodes, we have an entity reference field pulling a team_profile node in to serve as the author information. I ...
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How to add condition for 1st Iteration in views-view-fields.html.twig file

I am trying to implement a carousel , inside my views-view-fields--block_1.html.twig , I want to add active class inside the div for the first Iteration . I have added the code in twig file but every ...
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Hide/Show fields value in nodes

I have a content type = Article. There I have 2 field. What I want is, If field 1 is empty or does not contain any value, replace this field with field 2, (with same css and html structure) else keep ...
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how to just print the value of author in node template

There are some variables like author_name in node.html.twig of Drupal 8. {{ author_name }} will print something like below: <div><span><span>Basic</span></span></div&...
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How to get the values from a formatted field in inc file

I have a description field with a CK editor enabled. And when I get the data from it as node->get('fieldname')->getString() it outputs the content as below. The contents that I have entered in ...
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Show comment author e-mail in comment.html.twig

Anonymous users can leave their e-mail when posting a comment but how can I display this e-mail as a plain text value in the comment.html.twig?
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Why precisely the twig raw filter is unsecure?

Why precisely the twig raw filter is insecure in the drupal context? What would be an example of a potential threat ? And what need to be done on the ckeditor field format side to protect potential ...
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