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Drupal 6 site running slow on my localhost [duplicate]

Hi I am working with a drupal 6 site and have a setup for this on my localhost the site is very huge and consists of almost 290 tables but the site is working super slow on my localhost specially the ...
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Increase perfomance of site [duplicate]

I am using TB Mega Menu in header. The setup is Drupal 7.35 + Oracle + Apache2. Theses are all the items which takes more execution time. How can I cache menu items path and all Js and CSS files.
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Nginx vs Apache - Are there any actual usage comparisons and statistcs out there?

I have a new server to play with, and I am staring at a blank canvas. I can put anything I want on it. While I am comfortable with Apache, I keep hearing how nginx can handle so much more traffic than ...
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Real world experience in scaling and tuning performance

The website I'm working is allegedly going to have a massive hit rate soon after launch. The client is talking about the possibility of around 2500 hits per second over a day or so. Ignoring the ...
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Difference between Minimum cache lifetime and Expiration of cached pages

On Drupal Performance Page, under the fieldset Cache you have two options. One is Minimum Cache Lifetime and the other is Expiration of cached pages. What is the difference between these two.
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How Do I improve the performance of my Drupal7 Site? [closed]

For somebody who is new to Drupal, I see that there are many resources available on Drupal Caching but I am not sure which of them to use.
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Whenever I edit/update a node all the page caches for anonymous user are lost

I have the following cache settings on the performance page I have visited a few pages as anonymous user and made sure that they are being cached. Now I log in as admin in a different browser and ...
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Can the speed of my cron job be improved?

Can I improve my cron job speed? Ex: it takes me 30 seconds to complete a certain cron job. Can I make it do this faster? Does cron speed depend on the server machine?
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Exporting large data using cron

I am working on a website which has around 150k users. I have to create a csv file which contains the details of user (drupal fields and profile2 fields ) and export the csv to another server daily. ...
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Performance and optimisation when using panels with views and content pane

I would like to know if there is a best practice when we use panels with views and content pane? Some explanation: I have a layout with multiple blocks (related to the taxonomy etc.) and a main ...
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Is there a way and/or reason to unload a node after node_load?

I have a custom module that loads one specific node to get its field value, and then uses that field to make a bunch of calculations. I've seen several comments like this one that node_load is a ...
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Improve extremely slow 'drupal_process_form' [closed]

I am having problem investigating why our profile edit page is damn slow. Call Stack # Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0003 276344 {main}( ) ...\index.php:0 2 1.6889 39666816 ...
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Does pre-populated body for content types in Drupal 7 affect performance too?

From highest rated answer of this post (Drupal 6 case): Does having too many content types negatively affect site speed and performance? It is said that: Sharing fields among the content types ...
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Error entries in Watchdog duplicated dozen and hundreds of times

I have seen that the table watchdog in my MySQL database is growing enormously, and after TRUNCATE, I see that for each visit to a single page, it generates hundreds of inserts, and when seeing them, ...
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node_save() casing 500 Internal Server Error - 48s when using with AJAX

global $user; $node = node_load($_POST['expire_offer']); $node->field_status['und'][0]['value']=0; $node->field_expire_date['und'][0]['value']=time(); $node->revision = TRUE; $node->uid = $...
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