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How to Create twig template files in drupal 8 for customizing user login,profile edit and forget password forms?

Earlier we use the below code for creating custom template of user login ,user profile edit and forget password forms: function Yourtheme_theme($existing, $type, $theme, $path){ return array( '...
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How to render specific form elements from the *.theme file

I am using Drupal 8 and would like to customize how form elements are being displayed. Specifically, I don't like how uneditable, populated textfields are displayed as plain text. I would have it ...
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Override user login form template

I'm trying to customize my user login page in my custom theme using the template file page--user--login.html.twig, but am having issues accessing the different form elements. All aspects of the form ...
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How do I tell Twig not to print any form field?

I am trying to theme a form in Drupal 8. This is the template that I am using which is basically from form.html.twig <form{{ attributes }}> {{ element.app_theme_settings }} {{ element.a2 }} {{ ...
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How to access webform elements in webform.html.twig

I'm trying to figure out a way to access webform elements from webform.html.twig. I need to style the form; wrapping some elements and adding bunch of styles all I have in the webform.html.twig is "...
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Possible to theme the form's elements with own twig?

I was thinking to get twig outputs so I could use these twig variables on a form.html.twig such as below: <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-6"> {{ }} ...
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How can I access individual form elements for theming?

I have overridden the default user login form in Drupal 8 using a different template in my sub theme, but it isn't of much use because when I access it in twig template, all I can do is <form {{...
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How to theme a paragraph form

I would like to create a twig template for the form displayed inside the paragraph widget. The only way I found is: function mymodule_field_widget_paragraphs_form_alter(&$element, &$form_state,...
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Why is the region content already rendered as markup?

I'm attempting to craft some custom layout HTML in one region of my theme (uswds_base, but this doesn't appear to be theme specific). The content of a typical region.html.twig file is like the ...
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submitForm() isn't called

Goal: Have a custom page that shows various elements including links, logos, images and a custom form to help the users reset their passwords (we have a custom reset password interface which sends the ...
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