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Does "composer remove drupal/module" actually uninstall the module first?

Does composer remove drupal/module actually uninstall the module first, especially in multi-site environments? On the other hand, does composer require "enable" the given module for all sites?
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Disabling module with config sync and removing with composer

I have an issue disabling modules, I've searched but cannot find something useful: - Developer A disable module and via composer remove it - I pull his changes so i run composer install that remove ...
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Can I delete leftover field_deleted_* tables?

I have a lot of field_deleted_* tables in the database and neither drush cr or running cron is removing them. Is it okay to just remove them from the database? How can I tell Drupal to remove them ...
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Git workflow for Composer-based projects

I would like to install/manage Drupal with Git, Drush, and configuration synchronization. Should I add core/ and vendor/ into the .gitignore so that instead of pushing/pulling core I simply update ...
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How do I update configuration/database after a core update?

This may seem like a dumb question to some of you, I'm sure. After having worked with Drupal from version 6, I'm now for the first time using Drupal 8 and -- after some initial difficulties -- have ...
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How can I execute a batch process in hook_install()?

When my module is installed, I need to execute a batch process, loading hundreds of entities and doing stuff with them. This is trivial with hook_post_update_NAME() and its $sandbox variable. How can ...
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Should configuration synchronization be used only between cloned sites?

Can it be used to get configuration from one site to another site which is not a clone. eg: SiteX is installed using composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev SiteX and ...
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Import configuration in CI/CD script does not work

I have a Drupal 8.9.13. I wanted to install a new module, for example the google_tag. But in my case I do that in my CI/CD process. So to do that I did the following actions: edit the composer.json ...
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How to update a module in production?

I am using git to deploy my composer.lock to production. Contrib is not part of my git repo. Therefore, in production I then run composer install to add contrib to production. What happens when I ...
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There were errors validating the config synchronization after changes to modules and config

After many hurdles, struggles, and "learning moments", I pushed my site to staging successfully. Unfortunately, I am running into numerous issues when I try to push updates to a deployed ...
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How to ensure successful update after system failure during updb causing the site to remain in maintenance mode?

Running drush updb to upgrade drupal core or other modules, puts the site in maintenance mode. I recently faced an issue (probably an edge case) where the site was stuck in maintenance mode after ...
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What is the best practice to update our internal code from Dev to Prod for multiple sites?

Details: We are not sure of the best practice to use for updating internal code, such as custom modules and theme. There seems to be two main processes to take and both look like the correct answer. ...
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Drupal config or routes stays inactive until I disable/re-enable related modules

I know this might be a broad question but maybe someone had the same issue before. Here is the issue: I have installed some contributed module, (e.g Rules); I have configured some rules; Exported ...
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