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How to wrap node output with a link using Display Suite?

how would I best wrap my entire node in an tag linking to the full node? My nodes are display using Display Suite and a custom view mode. I'm guessing creating a php template and manually writing ...
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How do I create a field template or template override for a specific display mode?

Because in the Drupal 7 Commerce module, the fields, 'sku,' 'title,' and 'status' aren't editable by Display Suite field wrappers, I'm unable to edit the field wrapper via the Drupal front end, I need ...
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How can I embed a node inside on another node?

In Drupal 7 I have a content type created by admin (say content type X), And the other part i have a content type created by users (say content type Y). Now that is what I do when a user creates ...
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Node template.tpl.php for custom view mode?

I tried this, but doesn't work, gives errors and tried this How to provide template for particular view mode? ...
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Change style of custom view mode condionally

I have a custom view mode created with ds module, this view mode lists node articles, each article displays like this : title description url term reference field some other fields... ...
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Custom tpl for view mode for all contenty type

I've saw How to provide template for particular view mode?, but I don't to create a single tpl for every content type for a particular view mode, but a tpl used for every content type for a particular ...
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Create node template only for default view-mode

I created a node template for my content type which I only want to use for my default view mode and keep the standard view of the teaser. My file is named like node--customnode.tpl.php. As I read I ...
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theming a rendered entity in a view header

I reference a node into a view header (rendered entity). I need to do some changes in the output of this referenced entity. Does anyone know the filename for the needed template?
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Custom template file for custom view mode on site front page

I'm trying to style a view a certain way on the front page (using a custom front page, page--front.tpl.php) of my site, and here are the steps I've taken using Entity View Types and Views modules: 1.)...
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How to have a node which displays & interacts differently with different type of users?

Title might not be very clear. But to clarify my question, I'll take example of a Book Content Type. I've 3 different types of users: Authors, Reviewers, Admin. Now this is what I want to achieve: ...
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Catch first node in a view template

I created a view for the front page and also a node--view--frontpage.html.twig to design this view. Is there any opportunity to catch the first node with a if statement to design it differently? In ...
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