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Editting/Modifying markup of registration form [duplicate]

I would like to over ride the default registration form of Drupal. I want to edit its mark-up. Add few classes and wrap them with few div tags. I don't know how to get this done ? Is it possible to ...
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how to add custom classes and div to drupal search form.. i want to change complete layout of the block [duplicate]

I want to set following HTML layout in my search form. <div id="sb-search" class="sb-search"> <form> <input class="sb-search-input" placeholder="Enter your search" type="search" ...
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What can I use to layout the content type form input when creating content?

I have created a content type with about 15 fields. I'd like to improve the layout of the form for creating content of this content type. Currently all the input fields are listed one after the ...
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How to apply a theme function/template to my form

I think theme_form() is responsible for rendering forms! I want to change the look of a form, a lot. I think just instead of theme_form I can use my custom theme function/template file. I can use ...
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Template for custom form not working

I am trying to theme a custom using a template file but unfortunately I am not getting it by using the below method. listing.module function listing_menu() { $items['ad-listing'] = array( 'page ...
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form in a .tpl.php file

This is the code in my template.php file. function studiga_theme_theme($existing, $type, $theme, $path) { $items['add_property_form'] = array( 'render element' => 'form', '...
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module's local *.tpl.php, defined in $theme_registry, "not found or invalid" when referenced later in module

I built a custom login module for my Drupal7.26 install. Extending it, I've added a *.tpl.php locally ls sites/all/modules/custom/jl_login/templates/ user-login-member-form.tpl.php To get the ...
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How to create a contact form using FAPI in a custom module?

I want to create a contact form using FAPI my custom module. I created 2 files: one is .info and the other is .module. But I do not understand how I should link that module with my template name page-...
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Why should we avoid theming forms with template files?

The issue was raised in this question. Why not exploit the advantages that template files offer in the case of forms?
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Drupal 7 form api > Display part of tree outside tree

Very hard to explain by title, but this is what I mean: I have a form which shows packages and their add-ons. A simplified version: foreach ($packages as $package) { $form['package_' . $package-&...
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Where is theThe Comment Form Template?

I can find the comments template at modules/comments/comment.tpl.php But where is the comment Form Template please? I want to add a users image next to the form Thanks for your help Charles
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Changing the html and order of system fields(pass/email/locale/etc) of user edit form

I have changed a number of forms accessible by users to fit a certain style. To do this I used an #after_build function that adds prefixes and suffixes to fields, as well as a bit of javascript. This ...
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