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How can I prevent a node from being accessible on its own page, through node/xxx, but still be accessible through node description eg: /homepage? I tried using the Rabbit Hole module, which ...
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Is there a way to disallow the node/* path for anonymous users? [duplicate]

The reason of my question is that I have built a one-page website, but if people who knows a bit of drupal patterns wants to try to request the site by editing the url with a path like domain.tld/node/...
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View nodes in a listing only, not on their own? [duplicate]

I have created two node-types: 'match' and 'set'. When a 'match' node is viewed it displays a listing of several 'set' nodes. I've acheived this by calling node_load_multiple in hook_node_view. That's ...
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Hide individual node pages [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I hide Drupal nodes that shouldn’t be directly accessed from users and search engines? I was wondering what is the best way to hide a node page? I am using a content ...
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Is there a way to create custom node types which will never have a page [duplicate]

I'm working on several projects where we use custom node types (because they're easy to add fields to, edit, show in views, etc), but there are certain node types I wouldn't want to expose at all in ...
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How to hide the content of nodes/ completely, and still maintain use within Drupal?

So, to start off, I've seen: How do I hide nodes that shouldn't be directly accessed from users and search engines? How to prevent access to Views-only content? How can I restrict view pemissions ...
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Hiding full node display and URL

This is very similar to How do I hide nodes that shouldn't be directly accessed from users and search engines? I would like to: Not have certain nodes be directly accessible at the full URL (ie. ...
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How to prevent access to Views-only content?

When I'm developing sites in Drupal, I create various content types and taxonomy vocabularies that I use with Views to build displays. I might not ever want the nodes to be viewable in their own right ...
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How can I restrict view pemissions to a node related child nodes?

Let's say I have a parent node with ID equal to 233 that has the following related nodes: 234, 235, 236 (in a relationship field). Is it possible to restrict access to paths node/234, and node/235, if ...
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Remove link from content header

The website I'm building has a lot of content that I do not want linkable to the actual node. Is there a way to remove the link in the content headers?
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Show forbidden content to non-authorized users when viewed in a Panel(-s Node/-ized Node), not when otherwise?

I'm using Panels Nodes (Similar functionality to Panelized nodes, if you're more familiar with that) to display a bunch of content from sundry content types -- for instance, I have a content type ...
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