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Use it for questions about the configuration file used from the Apache server, the .htaccess file.

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How do I simply make the whole site use a secure connection? [closed]

In Drupal 7, I used the Secure login module to run the site on a secure connection, but it seems it doesn't revert back to http on logout. I would like to just run the whole site as https:// as a ...
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Rewrite URL not working

In Drupal 6 I used the following snippet of code in my .htaccess file to extract information from a non-existent URL and pass it to an existing URL in a GET form. However, it isn't rewriting the URL ...
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Multisite domain not working without symlink

I used to have to work with my own custom *.conf file in order to get my multi-site to work off a non root install of drupal but now have moved it to root ,I don't need that file anymore as system ...
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Friendly error page to replace WSOD

This should be the easiest thing to do, but for some reason I just can't get it done. I'm trying to get a friendly static error page to replace nasty 500 scenarios. For now I'm just trying to ...
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Redirect /user/login to HTTPS, all other requests to HTTP

I'm using Drupal 7. The login page for my users is located at /user/login, so the default login path. I need that page to be encrypted using SSL so people aren't transmitting their passwords in the ...
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Drupal 8: Multi-sites in subdirectories not working

I followed this tutorial(Drupal 7) but it not worked for me(Drupal 8): Multi-site in subdirectories This is my enviroment: ...
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How to place Drupal_Security_Do_Not_Remove_See_SA_* into httpd.conf instead of .htaccess

I run several Drupal 7 installations on a dedicated server with CentOS 6.4 and Apache 2 (the package httpd-2.2.15-29.el6.centos.x86_64). I wonder, how to properly configure the ...
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How do I make ugly URLs such as "/index.php?main_page=about_us"?

I'm converting a Zen Cart site to Ubercart and need to keep Zen Cart’s ugly URLs for SEO purposes. The site is top ranking on Google Search for their keywords and I’ve been advised that changing the ...
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Adding .htaccess within httpd.conf correctly

I am looking for advice on the correct way to place my .htaccess settings within my httpd.conf. Here is the server httpd.conf with the htaccess placed within a directory as per most instructions I ...
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Drupal does rewrite url but can't load css/themes

I have an url rewriting issue with my drupal 7 I'm trying to rewrite for example index.php?q=categorie&categorie=laars to categorie/laars.html So I downloaded the default drupal 7 .htaccess file ...
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Drupal 7 .htaccess redirects

I'm trying to redirect some old urls to the new Drupal ones with .htaccess rules. This works Redirect 301 /oldurl But this gives me a Drupal error Redirect /people/...
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2 answers

specific htaccess in some sites on multisite

i have several drupal sites running as multisite (same core + modules code), just moving to shared hosting Some sites should be kept password protected. (AuthType Basic) Is there a way to tell in ....
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.htaccess problem for Drupal

I decided to ask about this issue, because I found this problem is a common problem for many Drupal designers. It seems to be a common problem for many drupal designers to face with the Server Error ...
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Problems with Clean URLs

I've got a problem with Clean URLs. I had a look around and my problem doesn't look like any thing else on this site or anywhere on the internet. I have a .htaccess file. It's there and it's working. ...
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How do I use .htaccess to trigger mod_rewrites before D7's Clean URLs take over?

I am migrating from to, and need a way to alter the URLs from the old style into the a format we've chosen for the new Drupal application. In addition to rewriting them, I ...
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Impossible to edit nodes, log to in etcetera after enabling Boost and editing .htaccess

After installing and enabling Boost in my Drupal 7 site (locally on WAMP and I also tried it on a remote test site) it's not possible to send any forms, e.g. not possible to edit and save nodes, not ...
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.htaccess does not work?

I'm using Litespeed and clean-urls has been activated. When I upload .htaccess file, my Drupal does not render links and all link/buttons/drop-down menus expands autttomatically. When I remove ....
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