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I cannot see the Rules event "Page is going to be viewed"

I am looking for rules event "Page is going to be viewed" but I cannot see it; is there something I am missing? I'm using rules 7.23, I have panels enabled, and I want to use it to redirect ...
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Preventing webform save

Goal: Using webform (and it's hooks) in drupal 7 I need to, under certain conditions, avoid saving the form submission (i.e. under those conditions I need to discard the submission instead of saving ...
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image_style_url no longer creates images

This started today on a website that has been running for over two months. I have a custom module that creates an image using the following code: $image = image_style_url("...
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How to create one more registation page in drupal site

In our drupal site we have a Registration page. and the new requirement is creating the one more registration page with same functionality(newly created registration page also use same database to ...
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Ajax call results in 404

I'm porting an applet (tested standalone) to embedd it into a Drupal site. It includes some Ajax processes, which work fine in the original version. Once adapted for Drupal, they all result in 404. ...
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Use module to change custom type theme

I have built a module that adds a new custom type. I want to control the theme of that node type, and use a custom theme page for that node type. I can't find any documentation about this. How can ...
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Can I create a table with hook_schema that has two timestamp fields?

For my module I want to create a table with an updated_on and created_on field, both of type timestamp. I found this can be done with mysql_type, but you need to specify a default value for that ...
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How to add existing fields to a custom form?

I have a custom form which shows the title field and a view embedded into the form. Both form and the view are updated via Ajax. I am trying to add the body field, but it is not showing up. This is ...
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Importing nodes directly into database [closed]

I have created a custom content type and fields. i want to import data into content type. best solution for import data ? i can export of database for example .CSV .XML i don't know best solution ...
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Is it okay to use PhP include() in body of basic page? [closed]

Aside from the usual warnings about using PhP, which I understand and am taking seriously, is there any drawback to using the PhP include() function in the "Body" box of the "Edit Basic page" form? ...
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Drupal 7 upgrade Image module

I was upgrading a site to Drupal 7 but as you may know there are couple of modules which are moved to the core modules in Drupal 7. I had installed Image and Image Cache module in Drupal 6, but now ...
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How can I create a user object in a custom form and save it?

Basically, I want to create a user object in a custom form and save it in the database. This is my custom form and its handlers. function registerme_newform($form, &$form_state) { $form['account ...
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How to add fields while creating a node? [closed]

I am looking for a module which allows a user to create a new field while adding a new node. Is this possible, or should I resort to comma separated values in a big text area?
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Captcha image is not detected but installed and working properly

I have installed Captcha and Image Captcha submodule (included in Captcha). It works perfectly, and displays the captcha image. However, when trying to install Captcha Refresh module, I found that ...
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How to enable template while creating node

I want to enable different template for different node while creating node. for eg: I am creating blog1 node, then while creating blog1 node I should be able to choose template in drupal 7. Please ...
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How do I change the admin password form PHPMyAdmin?

How do I change the admin password form PHPMyAdmin?
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