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Drupal has modules for either helping advertising or blocking unsolicited advertising posted as comments or content.

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Can I truncate “field_revision_body” without breaking the site?

I am cleaning up a client's Drupal 7 site that has been badly hit by spam. Both Drupal's Backup & Migrate module and the CLI tools such as mysqldump and mysql runs out of memory when trying to ...
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List all users whose "member for" and "last access" are the same

I have around 40,000 users on my site but around 20,000 of them are automated registrations (by comment spammers presumably) and I'd like to delete those. It's very easy to spot them as their ...
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Create splash ad?

Drupal 7.7. I have front_page installed and working for Anonymous users - testing it out with a ten-second expiring cookie and this: <?php print 'Splash Ad!<br/><a href="index.php">...
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Ad module. Channel URL's being ignored

I have a site using just the default ad "group: default" block and am using channels to place ads on certain URLs The block seems to follow these rules but I have one advert in a channel that appears ...
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DFP ad in colorbox, empty ad is showing

I am showing Google DFP ad in colorbox, I am using setCollapseEmptyDiv(true); to collapse empty divs, but in colorbox, ad collapsed but blank color box remains there. I have tried several ways to hide ...
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Using captcha in varnish setup

Captcha and any form of page caching don't get along. I understand why this is, but i'm wondering if there might be a certain setup to use captcha even in cached environments. Post requests for ...
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Preventing spam registration /url redirect

im getting more and more spam account registrations. what is the simplest way to handle this if one does not need browser based registration? people register the REST/services way via an app. can ...
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Webform emails flagged as spam, emails sent from outside Drupal not flagged

Our Drupal installation uses Webform and Mime Mail. Emails sent from our webforms are getting flagged as spam by Gmail and other providers. We also have some email scripts running on our server ...
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Spam url_alias entries being created - how do I stop them?

I'm using Drupal 6 and having trouble with url_alias spam. Somehow spam entries are showing up in the url_alias table as aliases for valid content. I thought an administrator or valid user would ...
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How to get a complete list of blocks that are active content on current page?

I'm trying to get a full list of blocks that are active content on the current page. Preferably it would include details of what type of content is displayed in the block. I need this information to ...
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Mollom captcha widget not showing up on a custom form

D7 + Mollom. I want my users to fill in captcha on a custom form every time they click a link like /file/123/download on my site. I'm trying to bend Mollom captcha to my needs but haven't had any ...
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Unwanted redirection

My website's client ( has been hacked following the recent hack of drupal core. We have updated the drupal core on our website, but when we try to reach the url "
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Deprecated version of DFP (v201508)

We are getting emails from google about the latest version of Double-click for Publishers' (dpf) API. Currently our site appears to still be using a deprecated version (v201508) and need to update to ...
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Prevent spammers accessing my site by blocking their IP address

Story: I have my drupal site hosted in aws. Initially there were so many spam registrations occured. I prevented this completely by google recaptcha. By checking the recent logs in drupal I see the ...
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Are spam registrations a threat to a Drupal 7 site

Yesterday, as I was explaining to a client that someone would need to remove spam registrations, the client asked me what difference it made if they are in the system because we can just turn off all ...
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Can I create a keyword filter on emails sent from an email form with Rules?

Can I make a Rule that will check content of an email sent from a contact form and block the send if a condition is met? I was hoping I could set up a Rule to react on event Before Email Send, or ...
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How can I make a view showing all users who have not created any nodes or made comments?

I am trying to fix a site that has had more than 10,000 spam user registrations. However, some legitimate user registrations have also been made, so I cannot simply delete all the accounts. Manually ...
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Mollom module blocks non-spam content

I am building a site using Drupal 7 and the Mollom module Mollom really helps me to block spam on my site. Even spam bot that succeed on passing the captcha module and register to my site, never ...
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How to create a 3rd Ad push in a custom Omega Kickstart subtheme

I'm using drupal commerce kickstart 7x to design an experimental website to understand the layout & methods of the CMS. I've just started using Drupal. To be precise, 3 days. This is very new to ...
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How to delete a comment via an HTTP GET link in an email

On my site, moderators are notified of comments via email whenever a new comment is posted. I would like to offer them a one-click approve/delete feature directly from the email. There is an approve ...
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Spam filter options for unregistered user to registered user email service

I would like to give unregistered visitors the chance to send emails to node authors through a contact form. What would be the best and most efficient way to filter out spam? 1) Simply add a CAPTCHA ...
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How could I automatically delete accounts with a given criteria?

My drupal site has a textarea field in the new user application that asks for the new user to explain what their interest is in wanting to join the site. Some sort of machine bot is sending a dozen ...
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Spam bots hitting user/register non cached pages generate load, how to prevent?

I have SpamBot installed, still bots can hit the user/register page that is not cached by Boost and generate load if they do it recursively. Any tips to prevent them? Or, the only solution is http://...
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How to disallow certain strings in signatures?

As I mentioned here, spam filters do not apply to forum signatures. This opens the door to human spammers to put their spam content in their signature. I am wondering what is the easiest way to tackle ...
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Prevent comments containing html links from beeing validated

Seems very simple and I thought a module for that would be easy to find but no.. I've got a website that's beeing infested by spambots in node comments. You're probably going to tell to disable full ...
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Spam filter in signatures?

Since otherwise great spam module does not check user signatures for spam, I have hard times fighting spammers who just put their spam links in their signatures in the forum so basically they rendered ...
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