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Questions tagged [aegir]

Use it for questions about the set of Drupal modules that helps you maintain your Drupal sites: Aegir.

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Remove default installation profiles with drupal core

Is there a way to remove the core installation profiles that come with drupal without the need of hacking core? i.e. is there a hook that can run to alter this list? The reason why this is required ...
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How to avoid Drush command not found after switching to aegir or other user?

I installed Drush like this: It works fine when I am centos user, when I switch user to aegir it doesn't work. When I do which drush I get: How can allow user aegir to use Drush?
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Aegir no longer seems to be adding SSL info to apache config files for sites

I am using hostmaster 7.x-3.171 and I am using the legacy SSL option (apache SSL - not apache HTTPS) When i check the apache entry for the site in question at /var/aegir/config/server_master/apache ...
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How do I include coffeescript and sass compilation steps into managing Aegir platforms?

By providing a drush make file, Aegir will create a new platfrom but sites cannot be created or migrated to it until coffeescript and sass files have been compiled. Generated javascript and css are ...
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