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The act of saving files, data, or applications to a secondary media is called backing up.

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Cannot login after moving site [duplicate]

I am in the process of recovering from a catastrophic hard disk failure on a completely new machine. I am fortunate to have both a database backup and a backup of the folder with the D7 code that was ...
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advantages of drush bam vs. drush sql-dump / drush sql-connect

Is there any comparative advantage in terms of best practice, ease of use, or speed in terms of using the drush back up and migrate command (drush bam) or is it just preference? I'm often using just ...
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Backup and Migrate exclusion recommendations?

When doing database backup using Backup and Migrate, what is the reasonable table exclusion strategy? My first guess was: Exclude the following tables altogether - leave that listbox with no ...
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'drush rsync' not excluding paths specified in 'exclude-paths' in "aliases.drushrc.php"

I'm trying to get drush-rsync to exclude files/paths that as specified in my alias definitions. In /etc/drush/aliases.drushrc.php, I defined $aliases['site_A'] = array( 'root' => '/home/...
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Moving a site, links/admin do not work

I moved a drupal installation from one server to another. Steps I followed: Copied whole directory structure from old server. Exported database from old server. added files to newdomain/drupal ...
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I can't backup my website on a shared server because memory runs out. What can I do?

I have a large Drupal7 website on a shared Hostgator server, and I cannot do automated backups because I always run out of resources. I've tried 2 methods: 1) I first built my own CLI bash file and ...
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How to skip specific tables with drush sql-dump?

I have a drush config file ~/.drush/drushrc.php: if (!isset($options['structure-tables']['common'])) { $options['structure-tables']['common'] = array( 'cache', 'cache_*', 'history', 'search_*', ...
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Complete backup solution

I'm trying to backup my Drupal website (not only database) as complete as possible, because It's in the desired state. The backup should cover actual versions of all modules, themes, database tables, ...
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Which tables should I exclude from a backup?

As a fan of svelte sql backups I've successfully used, for several years this bash script for backing up my Drupal site's databases. By excluding "noisy" tables, I've seen remarkable reduction in the ...
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A really big database size

I'm dumping the database every 2 days, but I noticed that at some point last month the database jumped from around 500 MB to 4 GB! What can be the cause of it?
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Why does nothing change when I attempt to restore a backup?

I have a drupal 7.43 installation and it has been doing regular backups using the Backup and Restore module. I wanted to do a restore but I'm blocked at every turn it seems. I go to Configuration >> ...
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Archive old content data in different database

How can i make archive my old content and save in different db with my cron job. I want to store in different DB because i want to increase my site performance. In drupal 7 what's the best way to do ...
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Find out module versions through database dump

I've got a dump from my Drupal database that I've created with Backup and Migrate. I want to find out which versions of the modules ctools and Panels have been in use. Where do I have to look? What ...
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Transfer a site from SQLite to MySQL

Is it possible to transfer the content of a site that I develop locally with SQLite as a database to the live site which uses MySQL or PostgreSQL when it is finished? I don't want to have to install ...
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Restore with backup & migrate module does not work with Acquia Dev Desktop

Having messed up my dev site (running on Win 7 using Acquia Dev Desktop), I restored a backup I took a few hours ago with the Backup & Migrate module. Now when I click the local site name in ...