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Use it for the module for running a group of affiliated sites from one installation and a single shared database.

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Controlling blocks displayed in domain access for each sub-domain

I'm a noob in Drupal and have been exploring the Domain Access module ( ) in my local environment and till now has been doing pretty well. But when it comes to ...
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How does one set up aliases per domain on a multi-domain site?

I have a site where there are several domains each with different content: I want to make the alias foobar to different paths on each domain www....
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Drupal multisite configuration with a single database and redirection based on IP

I need to implement multi site configuration in Drupal 7. I have a Drupal code base called and two subdomains and in sites/ folder. I am using a shared ...
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Domain Access module: Adding nodes programmatically to subdomains

I am using Drupal 6 and Domain Access-6.x-2.11. I need to programmatically add nodes to subdomains defined in Domain Access configuration. I've been looking the source code of domain.module but can't ...
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Multiple node access rules for same node?

I'm using the Domain Access module to restrict content to specific domains. It uses the node_access table to do this. I also want to make a single node hidden behind a login area. The problem is that ...
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