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Use it to generally reference to those files used on websites which could be video, images, pdfs, etc.

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How to alter the Views field Format drop-down menu

I am exporting some XML feeds using Views. One of these fields needs to look like this: <image></image> I am storing my image in a CCK field. When ...
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Download a File Outside of Web Directory

I have a scenario where certain files are stored outside of the Document Root directory, like this... /home/user/public_html/{drupal files are in here} /home/user/data/{special data files are in here}...
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Download Update's fail (Unix File Permissions on /tmp directory)

When I goto admin/reports/updates/update select all and then hit the "Download these updates" I get the following error message The specified file temporary://filewq3Nao could not be copied, ...
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Print module's default setting is annoying

We often use the print module to create PDF of nodes; most of the times, it works out-of-box. For our requirements, however, one thing that makes me very annoyed is its default settings. When the ...
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File/image upload via CCK and Nginx + FastCGI

I am using the ImageField module with Pressflow, Nginx, and FastCGI. When I go to add a file via the standard ImageField CCK upload widget on a node, the Upload "throbber" does its thing, Drupal does ...
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Form Api File upload

I have the following code in my form. $form['new']['upload'] = array( '#type' => 'file', '#title' => t(''), '#size' => 40, ); On the submission handler, it returns the file name but ...
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Where can I find the save destination path for a filefield? (via code)

I have an image file field and I am attempting to write a little script that will programmatically scan my nodes and save images found in the body of my node into an image file field entitled ...
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Image upload & gallery

Is there a way to limit the number of imagefield fields present in a node? I am using iTweak Upload, which allows to upload an unlimited number of images, but I need something that can limit the ...
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Batch API and curl or file_get_contents() issue in Drupal 7?

Has anyone ever experienced issues with curl or file_get_contents() when using the batch API? I'm trying to import nodes from a remote data source via batch API; I used file_get_contents() during one ...
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Attaching existing server files to filefield

How do you set an existing file path for a file field, in Drupal 7? The only option I see is to upload the file again. In Drupal 6, FileField Sources seems to do this. Does FileField Paths or IMCE ...
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Setting up video for Drupal- to play in popup

I've set up a Drupal website and would like to have video box that pops up when a user clicks a picture graphic. Sounds simple enough, but it turns out it is not straightforward in the land of Drupal, ...
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5 votes
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How to handle Dev and Production servers having different file structure

I know you are not supposed to do this, but for reasons beyond my control the location of my web root is different on my Dev and my production server. As a result everytime I copy the database from ...
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Customising field container

I've created a cck field formatter. The field outputs uploads from filefield into embedded iframes that link to google docs for display. It currently outputs: <div class="field field-type-...
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What are the recommended directory permissions?

I'm gearing up to deploy a Drupal 7 site and I can't find any documentation. What are the recommended security-conscious permissions for files and directories? I am specifically interested to the ...
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Can anyone recommend a good Drupal module for managing/displaying videos

I would like to put together a video gallery on my website and am wondering if there are any existing Drupal modules to manage that. I'm using Drupal 6 and most likely the videos will be hosted on ...
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Bulk saving nodes with a file field

I'm in the progress of creating a bulk upload function for a Drupal site. Using flash I'm able to upload the files to a specific url that should be able to handle the files. What I want to do, is not ...
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How to upload multiple files at once?

We need to upload multiple files of different types, is there a module that will check for valid mime types and upload only the valid files, (based on site settings, eg: png, doc, jpg, txt) ?
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Documents as a node/block/field

I'm working on my first Drupal site. Using FileViewer I can load a PDF saved in a field, for viewing of various types. I haven't found something that does the same for Word Docs, Excel, etc. Does ...
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