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Use it for questions about logging activity using the Heartbeat module.

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How to create Facebook style user notifications?

Using Heartbeat I have been able to effectively make streams of user activities through Rules triggers. However I would like to be able to have users notified of new activities, and keep a count of ...
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How can I track all Flagging/Unflagging history for statistics?

Is there any way to track the flag/unflagging of a node/user without the Heartbeat module? Or a way to track all user/node interaction to use it after for statistics?
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How to decide between Activity or Heartbeat (or DIY Rules?)

I wish to create a site with status updates, and thus I want people to see those status updates.... (I am looking at the Facebook Style Statuses / Statuses module.) It seems that I need to use either ...
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How do I create a block for my heartbeat activity?

I have a heartbeat activity and a message template. I'm able to log the activities using heartbeat_api_log(), but how do I show the activities in a block? I'm using Drupal 7.
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I installed heartbeat in my drupal site and my administrative tools stopped working until i deleted it and then refreshed the site. What can i do?

I installed heartbeat in my drupal site and my administrative tools stopped working until i deleted it and then refreshed the site. What can i do? I had to install heartbeat to continue with my ...
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how to restrict heartbeat activity messages per roles?? i am using drupal 7

Message display access Defines to whom the message is meant for and who is entitled to see the message. Limit this message with roles anonymous user authenticated user administrator moderator Guest ...
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how to add my custom template of heatbeat

d7+heratbeat version = "7.x-1.1" I have a module named "love.module" in love.module /** * Implement hook_ctools_plugin_api(). * * This hook is needed to let ctools know about exportables. * @...
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Show only user related activity in a heartbeat view

How do I create a heartbeat activity that shows only user related activity? For example, user 1 is related to user 2 and 3 (user relation module). When user 1 is logged in, he should be able to see ...
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Retrieve deleted Heartbeat activity [closed]

I am using D7 + Hearbeat module Previously my heartbeat setting was when cron runs delete activities older than a month. So a cron run removed the activities. Is there any way of retrieving the ...
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Heartbeat - user delete comment from node -> delete also from heartbeat stream

I'm using Heartbeat to show activity on the site. When user post comment to the node Heartbeat activity stream shows that comment. But when user delete comment it does not delete it from the Heartbeat ...
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User activity not showing in the personal log but is in the public log using Heartbeat module

I have installed the Heartbeat module (6.x-4.11) with Heartbeat activity and Heartbeat rules enabled. If a user adds a comment to the site the activity is being logged in the database and showing on ...
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Heartbeat module

How do you enable AJAX in Heartbeat, such that when you click load older messages, it loads the messages? Currently, when I click the link there is no response whatsoever. Do I need to download any ...
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Error when trying to delete user

I installed the heartbeat module to track user activities on my website. It took me hours to configure it but everything seemed to be working as I wanted until I tried to delete a test user from the ...
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Notify users of new logged heartbeat activity

I am using Heartbeat module for a notification system, I've created a pop up block which shows all the logged activity targeted to a certain user. Is there a way to alert the targeted users of new ...
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How To log activity for anonymous user in heartbeat activity?

I am using anonymous publishing module and heartbeat activity module. I want to log activity for content posted as anonymous to be logged in heartbeat activity How can I achieve it? I checked in the ...
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