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Questions tagged [http-request]

Use it for questions about HTTP requests, sending and receiving requests, status codes and more.

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How to create custom pages for http 500 and 410 status errors? [duplicate]

In the site information section in the configuration, there is an option for setting the 404 page. But How will I set a custom page for http 500 and 410 error pages? Is there any specific module for ...
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How to investigate drupal_http_request replying 'connection timeout'? [duplicate]

Suddenly, my drupal 7 website showed some problem: not able to connect facebook, not able to send mail, not able to contact captcha server. Investigating, i found out that drupal_http_request is ...
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Access forbidden 403 to homepage but the rest of website working Drupal 7

I have Drupal 7 installed in localhost, with XAMPP, and it is a replica of a complete working site. I think I have configured everything ok as I can see all the site working nice, with its friendly ...
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problem with drupal_http_build_query output

am using drupal_http_build_query and have part of my code as follows: $or = db_or(); $or->condition('cid',$fField1); $or->condition('cid',$fField2); $or->condition('cid',$fField3); $or->...
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Drupal 7.27: 408 Request time out in Chrome browser [closed]

We are getting 408 request time out errors in Chrome browser only since the beginning of May. We have not been able to replicate the problem with any other browser. With one website we had a SSL ...
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"An AJAX HTTP error occurred.HTTP Result Code: 200"

I'm new to Drupal, and I'm working with a Drupal site that someone else wrote. From the admin menu, when I go to Structure -> Pages -> Edit Content -> Gear Menu -> Edit (or Settings), Drupal throws up ...
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Devel admin interface unreachable; or I broke my Devel?

Not sure what broke where, been using devel & love it. I enabled the Display $page array option, went, did stuff, came back to disable and when trying to load admin/config/development/devel either ...
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Ubercart/Securepages site breaks overnight!? Can't POST (login/add to cart)

This site seemingly broke overnight without any changes being made to the configuration.. this is a production site: Add an item to your cart and watch the ...
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How to redirect the user to an external website with POST data?

I want to implement an offsite payment method and everything is going well except the fact that I can't find how to redirect the user to the offsite payment gateway after submitting the cart checkout ...
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500 internal server error on a single node

This just happend randomly today. I tried to access a page, but it keeps giving me a 500 internal server error All the other pages are working ...
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How to pass and receive an http request body in GET?

I have two Drupal sites within one project. I want to send a GET request but I need to pass a lot of parameters. So instead of passing them in the query (which will lead to an extremely long URL), I ...
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How to determine the cause of sudden "content encoding error"s for logged-in Drupal users? [closed]

One day last week or so, seemingly out of the blue, logged in sessions started to throw content encoding errors. The site still works fine for anonymous users. There's nothing in error_log, clearing ...
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How to force 403 or 404 on specific route

I have made a custom form to create nodes for a specific content type. Due to that, I want to throw a 403 or 404 on the admin page that creates new node. The route I mean is 'node/add/'. I guess in ...
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drupal_http_request give 400 response code for working url

I have major problem while getting response. I am using drupal_http_request to get the response but I get 400 as response though url given is working... I tried Curl Http Request module to overrride ...
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Drupal not able to make any outgoing HTTP requests

So, my drupal setup is on a NAS architecture. It's a portal for a college department and is hosted on the campus NAS. This basically means that my web server has to connect through an internal proxy ...
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contextual menu module - error 400 on URL /contextual/render break contextual links on a limited number of pages

on a fully developed drupal, some contributors noticed me that the contextual menu links are broken on a limited set on pages. After a quick check i see that all those pages have a broken XHR request ...
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How to get multiple articles with specific ids via JSON:API in one request

how can I get multiple articles with specific ids in one request. I have tried lots of variations of but without success. ...
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