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Questions tagged [maintenance-mode]

Drupal allows a restrict set of users to access the site when maintenance tasks run: the maintenance mode.

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Image derivatives removed by some process, only regenerated when switching to maintenance mode, then removed again

While moving a bunch of legacy D7 sites to a new server, I bumped on the following problem with one site only. This is certainly NOT the classical permissions issue on files directory. Bug description ...
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Unable to run update.php or update modules from web interface

I would really like to be able to install module updates through the web interface or run update.php when needed without changing settings.php, but something seems to be broken in my setup because it ...
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In Drupal 7, we could create maintenance-page--offline.tpl.php to be shown during database failures. I want to create this page for D8 as well, however maintenance-page--offline.html.twig does not get ...
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Maintenance page appears during login

I need your help : When any user logs into my website (admins too), the maintenance page is displayed with the url "/node?destination=node", while maintenance mode is surely off. Then, if the user ...
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How do I prevent cached "Maintenance Mode" messages to anonymous users?

Sometimes pages show up as under Maintenance Mode for anonymous users while working fine for logged in users (the only logged in users are administrators, and I believe I set it so admins always get ...
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Getting " Specified URL cannot be found" error while clearing cache

I am working on Maintenance mode screen. I have added outage message in the field, ticked "Put site into maintenance mode" button and save the configuration. Once i clear the cache i am ...
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Can't log in to back end

I have been trying to upgrade to 8.8.3 from 8.4.4 for some time. My 8.4.4 site was holding but after repairing a database malfulnction in which the watchdog file went mad with assert errors, now I can'...
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Maintenance Mode Screen Does Not Display

I'm using Drupal 8 with a purchased theme. I'm not 100% tech literate so apologies in advance if my question sounds dumb. After Drupal and the theme were initially installed I had no problems. After ...
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Is it necessary to clear site caches after putting site into maintenance mode?

I enabled maintenance mode on a Drupal 7 site; however, when I checked the homepage as an anonymous user, I noticed that the original homepage was still being displayed rather than the maintenance ...
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Redirecting to "old" site

I copied files and database of a Drupal 7 site to another domain. When I put the site in maintenance mode, and I login, I am redirected and logged in to the old site. I cleared the cache, also in the ...
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URLs with trailing slash say site in maintainence mode, others don't, site isn't in maintenance mode

Something very strange has happened and I'm at a complete loss as to how to go about working out the cause. I used Backup / Migrate module to restore a backup of my live site's database (let's call ...
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drupal site crash and went to maintenance mode

While creating a huge volume of pages in drupal website, our live site went down after 5 hours. We investigated logs on Apache, PHP and MySQL thoroughly but couldn't identify any specific cause or ...
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How to automatically put your site into maintenance mode if at least a critical security update is available?

I think I'm craving for this functionality. What I want is, if after a CRON run, Drupal detects that such a security update is available, the site would be taken down for maintenance mode to avoid ...
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