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Drupal allows a restrict set of users to access the site when maintenance tasks run: the maintenance mode.

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Is it possible to set up preferrential IPs when in maintainance mode?

I've previously worked on Prestashop and there I had the choice to set my site in offline/maintance mode and then edit one ore more IP addresses in order other people to view the sites but not the ...
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Site offline notification

How to turn off the notification about the site being offline, when in maintenance mode? Operating in maintenance mode. Go online.
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Maintenance Page -> Show a specific block

How to make a block available on the maintenance page (e.g. jQuery Countdown) ? Is it about setting right permissions?
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How theming off-line page?

I read API and put files theme folder. maintenance-page.tpl.php works well, but maintenance-page--offline.tpl.php don't work. How theming off-line page ?
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How to maintain and update a Drupal installation and its modules?

I'm looking for a comprehensive tutorial on best practices for updating and maintaining a Drupal installation and it's modules where there are multiple instances of the site, that is having a ...
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How to theme the maintenance mode page?

What would be the best practice for theming the maintenance mode page in Drupal 7?
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Site turned to maintenance mode without changing any settings

I have a client who's site maintenance came up without anyone touching it. What would cause something like this? I have theories that it's the backup module. Would that be possible? I just went ...
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What are the ways/strategies to maintain Drupal sites a over period of 10-15 years?

We have started using Drupal as a PHP programming framework (and not just as a CMS). As result, we have many projects running on Drupal (6 or 7). Typically, after 2-3 years a project gets over and no ...
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Multiple (and differents) crons?

In a normal production webiste, there are many tasks that need to be done via crontab, but lets say you dont want all of these tasks to run on every cron. For example, i would love to have: A cron ...
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Site stuck in maintenance mode

I have put a site in maintenance mode. Before I could visit the administration pages as user #1 (which was the user account I was already using before to put the site in maintenance mode), I had to ...
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