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Cross browser Issue with Drupal Bootstrap Navigation

I have a website that I am created for my company (Drupal & Bootstrap 3) and am having some trouble making the navigation work in all browsers. Essentially, there are two menu's that I am using in ...
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How to create a link for field value?

I am using views in that views i can able to give only title field as a link.I want to give field value also as link.while clicking on field link i need history of that field example-In my ...
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Off canvas menu for drupal 6

Are there any modules for Drupal 6 that provide an off-canvas menu? My site has mobile users and I want to hide the navigation bar when they view it. I want something like this: I have searched both ...
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Menu doesn't expand

I have a primary link created and set of links whose parent is the primary link. I have enabled "Show as expanded" to all of them (tried with first primary also) but yet the sub-menus don't appear in ...
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Looking to embed node links within CKEditor

I would like to be able to embed node links within CKEditor but have the plugin use a view or table to display the content of the type of my choosing. Linkit picker looked like exactly what I ...
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Superfish Menu: looking for specific css value

Using Drupal 7.19 and Superfish 7.x-1.8 I was able to override most of the CSS and we are working towards a menu that we would like. However, I would like the parent menu item that is looked at to ...
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Why dropdown menus does not work with all themes?

I am testing few drupal-6 themes for my blog and I observe that the drop-down menus in one theme does not show in another theme. I am specifically testing with Blogbuzz and Jackson. In my case, ...
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anchor menu description under each menu in menu.html.twig

I am currently displaying the Menu "description" underneath each link using menu.html.twig. by doing this: {% if item.original_link.getDescription %} <span class="navigation__link-...
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Check if current page == a link

I'm working with a content type skills, where i made a view with the titles(as links). This generates a kind of menu. Which is what i'm aiming for. Now i need it to check if you are on one of the ...
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How to alter a main menu link path programatically drupal 7?

In my case, My site URL is and also have a content page There is a menu link called BBC with under my menu menu menu link list. I can ...
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How to make accordion menu expand smoother?

I installed accordion menu on Drupal 7. The menu work perfectly fine but it does not expand that smooth. How can I make it smoother? How do I replace JavaScript to on module? Note: I tried slide and ...
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How to get the main menu and sub menu of a main menu

I've three main menus, like "About", "Organisation", and "For us" For the main menu About, it has three sub menus, they are "About You", "About Us", and "About the people around you". I've created a ...
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Node edit area alterations

In my node edit area there are some hyperlinks exposed by the References Dialog module. I need to alter these links by appending some extra information to the url. Can anyone tell me what hook to ...
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