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Questions tagged [string-overrides]

The String Overrides module provides a quick and easy way to replace any translatable text on the site.

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how can i translate strings in search page result?

On Drupal 8, how can i translate these strings in search page result : Your search yielded no results Enter your keywords Search Search results I can do it with jQuery but i know it is not a good ...
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1 answer

Change the "Create [content type]" title

I allow registered users to create content of type X, so they can go to the /node/add/X page and fill in the form. However, I want to give this page a bespoke title, i.e. "Make an X" rather than "...
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4 answers

Editable message after registeration

is there a way to make this message controllable from back end which appear after user registration. $message = t("Thank you for registering at $site_name. Your application for an account is ...
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String overrides doesn't override certain Commerce components

It actually overrides everything except 'Order total', I do not understand how that component doesn't get overwritten by String overrides. Order total is in Checkout page. <table class="commerce-...
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How to string-override main menu items?

String Overrides is working perfectly for built-in Drupal output such as admin menu links, and for custom code that uses t(). However, it doesn't work if I try and override text in the main menu ...
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