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Exclude domain in robots.txt

Is it possible to exclude a domain name in robots.txt? I have a single Drupal site with multiple domains pointing on it. For example our dev and staging server are being crawled by Google when our ....
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I want to get a Mobile version of my drupal site working

I am trying to setup what I would call a multisite configuration on my local development server, which currently looks like this. I'm using Xampp in a windows environment so my root is Xampp\htdocs. ...
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15 votes
2 answers

How to set multiple domains for one language

I have a multilingual site with Drupal 7 using subdomains like to detect the language. Everything works like expected, but I have a mobile version of the website witch I want to be ...
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Google Analytics configuration setting for Drupal multisite (domain and submain)

I am working on a Drupal mulsite project (using single database) and using Google Analytics module for this. I have follow the below steps for GA configuration: Created a domain name ...
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Same user for multiple sites

I am planning to use different server for multiple purpose. like etc... I have up to 5 different subdomains and everything runs in different ...
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How to connect to multiple Databases in Drupal 7?

I'm building an encyclopedia website. There are about 20 subjects that must be stored in the Database (media,library,article,translations,...) and we want to create 20 databases and allocate one DB ...
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