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Questions tagged [theme-negotiation]

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Set admin theme by user

Is it possible to set a different admin theme by user ? I found this old module it's probably possible to convert it to fit the new Drupal 8/10 system (https://www....
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Custom Menu Template not Rendering Menu Links

I'm building a custom module that modifies the main theme (barrio bootstrap in this case) to establish a landing page. In that process, it hides blocks in some regions and takes over rendering the ...
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Override contrib module's template for an admin module

I need to override a contrib module's template for an admin module. For example, the webform_composite module has hook_theme() in its module file. /** * Implements hook_theme(). */ function ...
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Use specific theme [not template file] for 404 and 403 generated for specific path

I have 2 themes, both enabled, assume they are called my_first_theme (default) and my_second_theme. I have /whatever path and lots of the pages under this path, and I have a theme negotiator, which ...
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How to get node information in RouteSubscriberBase::alterRoutes

what I'm trying to achieve is, for some specific nodes, to set the admin theme. How can I get node information in this class? class RouteSubscriber extends RouteSubscriberBase { /** * {@...
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Specify the theme when creating content / importing content via Feeds

I want to force all content to be created using my primary site theme. I want to do this because I am using a renderer in MYMODULE_node_presave() like this: function MYMODULE_node_presave(...
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ThemeNegotiator not working for admin pages

I'm trying to use the ThemeNegotiator to change the theme of the add and edit pages of one content type. I've followed the following very extensive posts/blogs. Don't use admin theme for adding ...
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Template suggestions periodically not being recognized

I have some simple template suggestions setup in my THEME_preprocess_node() function. Example: function my_theme_preprocess_node(&$vars) { if ($vars['node']->type == 'MY_TYPE' && $...
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Dynamically set theme per block/paragraph

I'm looking to apply specific themes to individual items on a page - a different theme to the rest of the page. I realise this seems quite obscure, but the general premise is similar to a styleguide. ...
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Switch theme by http status code

We have a page that uses several themes, but the 404 pages should all look the same. So, for all themes except one we need a rule that switches to another theme when the URL does not match any ...
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Alternatives to themekey? [duplicate]

I need to show my website with a "theme" when in header's requests is present a particular key/value. In Drupal 7 I do this via themekey, but this module does not exist in Drupal 8. Are there ...
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How to change active theme based on taxonomy?

I have a situation where I need to change the active theme based on whether the current entity has a certain taxonomy tag. So when an entity is viewed and tagged with candy, I would like the Candy ...
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2 answers

How do I programmatically change the admin theme?

How do I define a different administration theme for a user and administration role in Drupal 8? I have looked at the context module for Drupal 8. There is a problem with the context condition and ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to resolve the negotiated theme for any other user?

I have found How can I programmatically get the theme name?, which works for the current user, but would I apply such logic to learn what theme another user would use? I can get the active theme for ...
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Different Theme for Current URL - Using Javascript?

I know that you can have different themes for different parts of the site, assigning specific URLs to different themes by using hook_custom_theme() or the themekey module - I've used both solutions to ...
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How can I change a theme for a specific module?

I am new to Drupal, I want to change a theme for a particular module (private message module) current look and feel is not pretty. I am planning to put a "Garland" theme for Private message module. ...
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ThemeKey rule; how to target IMCE pages

On my Drupal 7 site, I noticed that the IMCE popup loses its action buttons and all functionality when I'm using Adminimal as the admin theme: In the Known Issues section of the IMCE project page, ...
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What are the criteria to decide between modules ThemeKey and Switchtheme?

There are (at least) 2 modules that allow for switching between themes, i.e.: ThemeKey. Switchtheme. What are the typical criteria, or pros/cons, for a site builder (without any custom coding or ...
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1 vote
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Switching theme for comments as well as nodes (ThemeKey?)

I'm building a site based on Advanced Forum. I need each forum to display a different theme. ThemeKey does this so nicely with a trigger for which forum taxonomy is in effect, but does not seem to ...
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ThemeKey: Use main theme for Node/edit and user/edit

By default, Drupal uses the "main theme" for the main site, and the "admin theme" for the admin pages. I want to use my "main theme" for the user/edit pages and node/edit & node/add pages of the "...
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Themekey with mobile detect not working properly

I am using themekey module with mobile detect module for switching mobile and desktop version of themes. Some time it works and some time not. On Apple devices it load the mobile version. I'm ...
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admin theme changes to default at editing page, Themekey module

Using the ThemeKey module, I have changed the theme of user role (EDITOR) to Administration theme. So, when the user of this role logs in, he gets admin theme. It works find but when he edit ...
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2 answers

explicit "switch to mobile theme" link with Theme Key

I'm using Theme Key to switch automatically between themes dependent on browser and/or OS id. Now I would like to allow the user to explicitly switch to or ...
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Site with Themekey has CSS cross-contamination

I'm using Themekey with Context to enable one of three different themes on a site, depending on a themekey field. The homepage is set to use my main theme, called 'sitetheme'. Sitetheme is set as ...
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Themekey & Organic Groups

I have a case scenario in which different organic groups can have different themes. Using "Themekey" I allow the user to select a theme when the group node is created and it works fine. When the user ...
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Does "Boost" module work together with "Theme Key" module?

I wonder if the Boost module works together with the ThemeKey module. Has anyone experience with both modules working together? Especially when it comes to different style-sheets for different ...
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How can I change active theme for specific paths or inside module? [closed]

I'm working on an online game engine website where users can create games online and other can play it. All pages are displayed in normal theme except game play page which should be in full screen ...
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