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Use it for questions about updating Drupal core and contributed modules.

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Best way to update/upgrade things in the drupal database

I know this is a broad topic, but maybe there is a good way/module doing this. I want to make "automated" updates to a drupal installation. This includes updates of nearly everthing (contenttypes, ...
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Cron job run, but module updates not checked - how to automate?

I configured a script to run as part of my cron.daily tasks, and tested the script. My status report says that the cron was correctly run by the script, so I'm happy that that will happen. However, ...
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Drupal queue / update module

I have a Drupal 7 site and the queue table has over 4K records. They are primarily for the "update_fetch_tasks" queue. Is the queue table by nature a temporary place holder? I would like to clean it ...
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How do I update a module manually?

I need to update my Views module in Drupal 7. Drupal won't do it automatically. It says the download is not available. I have downloaded the new version manually, but when I try to install it via '...
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Update report / drush up issue

I'm experiencing some odd behavior with D7's update report. When I view the update report it can only determine the status of roughly 5 or so modules/themes. The ones that it finds are random and each ...
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Download Update's fail (Unix File Permissions on /tmp directory)

When I goto admin/reports/updates/update select all and then hit the "Download these updates" I get the following error message The specified file temporary://filewq3Nao could not be copied, ...
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Update status behind a proxy

I'm running Drupal in an intranet which is behind a simple HTTP proxy. I'd like for the module and core update checks to actually work. I seem to remember there was a core hack to do this on Drupal 6,...
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The new version of my module depends on more modules than the old version ... how to ensure module users install them?

I am updating an existing module I have developed. The new version requires a "helper" module that the old version did not (fwiw, specifically "Nodereference Count"). How do I ensure that when people ...
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How do I merge changes from a development copy of the site to the live site without losing new content?

What is the best procedure for merging work done on a development copy of a site to the live production copy? Often times there has been a lot of new content added to the site since development ...
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