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How to show data of user that flagged a content(2 flag types)?

I have 2 flag types for a content type. both flags have flag field. consider the user flagged a content by both flags. I want to show user data. I have problems in this situation. I add flag A and flag B in relationship part of views, after that I add "username of user" and "flag field" in fields part. but unfortunately I should add 2 "username" field, one of them should relation to flag A and other should relation to flag B(relation part in field setting). this is problem. because I want one field of "username", not 2 "username" fields. What should I do?


If user flagged content by both flags, your solution work great, Balmong. I should explain more before, sorry. consider we have 5 flag types and we don't know how many flags our user used. I mean, the first user can flag a content by flag type 1, type 2 and type 5, and other user can flag same content by flag type 2 and type 4, and go on..., OK? I want to show a list of users that flagged same content, some users can use all flag types and others can use some flag types. thus I don't know users will use what flag types. You consider moreover "username", I want to show user's "E-mail". thus in this table I want to show "username", user's "E-mail" and "flag fields".