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Node access control based on users at the node edit page

I want to ask is it possible to assign customized roles to particular users at the node edit page? For example, the node author/admin can assign "editor" role to user A & user B and assign "admin" role to user C at the node edit page. The node access control is different among different nodes and different users.

I found some related modules such as Permissions by Term and Permission by field but none of these can perfectly fulfill my requirements. I am using Drupal 8 so some modules may not suitable for me.

Is there any solution for that?



I am combining "Group members" & "Group nodes" view into a same page. I found that built-in buttons disappear when the path is not the default one. (ie. /group/%group/nodes, /group/%group/members)

How can I add those button at another view?

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