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Create a view based on node reference field

There are two content types Gallery and Image. Image has node reference field (node reference from url). Gallery doesn't have any node reference fields.

By using views I can show all related images on a gallery page (I use node reference field "field_pers_gallery" as a contextual filter).

At the same time I need to create a view to show all images related to one gallery (all images have the same value in field field_pers_gallery) on a page of every image. I would like to create a view that looks like Flickr image page with related images. I have the problem with it because I cannot choose the right contextual filter to create the view as I want.

I tried the following examples but nothing helped me, I cannot understand why:

  1. http://drupal.org/node/370227#comment-4364810

  2. http://drupal.org/node/370227#comment-5699610

  3. How can I build a view that shows other nodes that reference the same node the current node references?

Could anybody help me with any advices?

SOLVED: At first I added to relationship node reference field and then added a node reference field reverse. After that I choosed an image field for a view and used this relationship. Hope this helps to someone

The only one thing - I cannot exclude the current image page from the view. If I check "exclude" under "More" link, my view shows me all images even from other galleries, I don't know why :(