I have a views block of taxonomy terms.

I want the block to display all terms when it is on homepage, and to list child terms when it is on a taxonomy page (contextual filter: **Taxonomy term: Parent term:Taxonomy term id from URL**).

example: I want to create a block to list news categories(first level only) when it is on home page (I can do this by using contextual filter **Taxonomy term: Parent term-> fixed value=0**).
and when the block is in a taxonomy page I want it to list the child terms of the current taxonomy (can be done using contextual filter **Parent term:Taxonomy term id from URL**).

can I have a single views block to do both, without having to create two blocks, one for home page and another for taxonomy pages.

A similar block that I want to create (I don't know if I need to create a separate question or it is just related to the previews).

I have a views block of content with taxonomy term.

I'm trying to create a slider(views block) that displays the latest 5 news of each taxonomy term from url, I can do this using a contextual filter: **Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)** then provide default value: **Taxonomy term id from URL**, this works fine in taxonomy pages.

what I need is, when the block is on front(home) page I want it to display the news from all taxonomy terms (neglecting the contextual filter).
I can do this by creating another views block without the contextual filter, but can I achieve this with a single views block?

sorry if this sound confusing, and thanks for help