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Nodes, comments, taxonomy terms, and users, in the terminology used since Drupal 7, are generally called "entities."

0 votes

How can I change field suffix due to its value

One of the option thats possible is to write a view field tpl for that field. Writing a tpl would give you an option to handle 0, 1 and more than 1 options in one go.
1 vote

Field Reference Module Problem

The better option is that you should select a formatter for the image field so that your views work properly when displaying logo images on to it.
2 votes

Best way to migrate text field to taxonomy reference field

The code that which I wrote in file. This is a file which would create a mapping table for for the text field on the legacy database and Taxonomy on Our Drupal Database. clas …
1 vote
0 answers

Integration of Custom entity with relationship of views

I have created a custom Entity with few properties like uid, title etc. I have made the entity fieldable so that I can add more fields to my entity. Using this, I have added 2 reference fields. Also …
0 votes

Media module and views. Cannot make video image linked to node

@Heihachi file_entity_link module worked for me... I too was facing the same issue. This module is very simple to configure. You just need to go to admin/structure/file-types/manage/video/file-display …
3 votes

Linking two different content types with Views

Suppose we have 2 content types A and B and want to display the content of content type B which have a field reference ie both A and B both have a common field. then: We simply add B to the Filter C …
1 vote

What happens when you delete a field from an existing Content Type?

When you delete any of the field of the content type then all the log of that field from the database is deleted. eg. Suppose we create a field named test in the content type A then it creates 2 tabl …
4 votes

Programmatically creating a content type with file field in a custom module

This code that will be created new content type that should add into .install file. Adding hook_install(): <?php function your_module_name_install() { // use get_t() to get the name of our localiz …