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Version tags should be used for questions that apply to a version only, not to merely say what version a site is using.

0 votes

Is there incremental deployment module for Drupal 7?

There is no Drupal 7 version of Incremental Deploy. In fact, the Drupal 6 version is no longer supported. You have several options to duplicate the functionality. …
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0 votes

Recording the time it takes to process a form

I use HttpWatch to monitor load times: You should be able to get the numbers you want with …
  • 199
1 vote

What is the proper permission settings to create a moderated, private organic group (in comm...

I understand your confusion. In Drupal Commons, follow is not the same as registering as a group member. If you check off the non-member checkbox on the Subscribe to group line then non-members can a …
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1 vote

Creating new template for new page

$path_part; $vars['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = $template_filename; // drupal 7 } } } } ?> …
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0 votes

How can I automatically restore my site from a backup using the command line for testing pur...

If you're looking to script this process, I would recommend using drush. If space is a concern than pipe the results to gzip as well. drush sql-dump | gzip > ../backup/FILENAME.sql.gz Remember it's …
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0 votes

How can I create an image gallery?

I don't see anything in bold but is the issue showing the image in your custom style or having it open in a modal? For the latter, opening the image in a modal, you would need to set one field item t …
  • 199
2 votes

View of users with the same 'entity reference' field vale

I have this running on a stripped down local install of Drupal 7. …
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