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Use it in questions about adapting software to different languages, regional differences, and requirements of a target market (locale).

4 votes

I can't translate description of front page in my multilingual site

All major translation issues for metatag module are now fixed (see:, All you have to do is: Go to metatag settings page: /admin/conf …
  • 552
0 votes

When using Entity Translation and the Title module, how can I get the translated term from t...

I resolved using this module that extends EntityFieldQuery After installing it, you are able to extend EntityFieldQuery in the following way: global $language; $langcode = $language->language; // c …
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2 votes
1 answer

What is the correct way to translate variable_get string values entered in admin input fields? [duplicate]

I'm developing a simple module with and admin page, where admin can fill some textfields with custom strings that will generates a piece of html to be used later. So for example I have fields like th …
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