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How can I export all webform structures?

node export is a first option it gives array( (object) array( 'vid' => '3593', 'uid' => '1', 'title' => 'test', 'log' => '', 'status' => '1', '...
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How do I clear settings from the Drupal object?

I realize this is a very old question, but I had to figure this out recently when using the plotly_js library to make charts. /** * pos_charts_clear * * The js settings don't get reset as forms are ...
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Permissions to edit user field data, but not fields itself

On Drupal 7, the permission to access admin/config/people/accounts is the same permission that allows to edit every account created on the site. The permission is returned by user_entity_info(), a ...
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Permissions to edit user field data, but not fields itself

Solved with Rules. Action: Drupal is initializing Condition: Text Comparison or Data Comparison, put in the URL path Action: Page redirect.
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How to prevent adding of duplicate item to Drupal Queue?

Create a class (or you can put it in the .module file if you want): /** * Custom queue implementation to merge on creation, preventing duplicates. * * See
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