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trigger('RefreshView') problems with pagination

This is a long time bug in views. I remember I just had a lot of trouble with it on a web site years ago. Take a look at this:
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Do I need to apply changes in default.settings.php to settings.php?

Speaking specifically about the last change done for the default.settings.php file: No, you do not need to apply that change to the setting.php file, except in the case you need to change the default ...
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How to upload .webp to Image field?

Drupal Core 7 does not yet support WebP but there are reportedly working patches on this in-progress issue:
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How do I mimic Pathauto transliterated output for an alias in my custom PHP code?

On Drupal 8/9, you can use the Pathauto Alias Cleaner service : /** @var Drupal\pathauto\AliasCleaner $cleaner */ $cleaner = \Drupal::service('pathauto.alias_cleaner'); $cleaner->cleanString($node-&...
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Advagg Bundler would NOT spit out same size CSS bundles

It appears that the only option is to add template CSS via drupal_add_js and give it a higher priority so that aggregates have similar sizes. This is the code I added to template.php to get some files ...
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Limit the number of nodes per User

To limit users from adding more than one node for a specific content type, you can use the hook hook_form_alter() to alter the node form and disable the submit button if the user has already created a ...

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