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A taxonomy field is referencing entities, it has no value property. See how to print value of a taxonomy field to headline with node.html.twig? Converting this to a token pattern: [node:field_content_class:entity:name]/[node:title]


Ok, this was just a stupid mistake in a another javascript. There the jQuery method .off() was used to remove event listeners which had the effect to remove the Ajax event listener.


My edit to the accepted answer got reverted, so I'll contribute it as a separate answer, for two reasons: 1) several grammatical and formatting errors in the accepted answer make it hard to read and understand and 2) the comments to the accepted answer (and the "Update" section) explain why the proposed solutions do not work. This answer adds an ...


Turns outs you can't edit the existing breadcrumbs. However you can fetch them using the getter function, modify them and then call the Breadcrumb builder class. <?php /** * Implements hook_system_breadcrumb_alter(). */ function MODULE_system_breadcrumb_alter(Breadcrumb &$breadcrumb, RouteMatchInterface $route_match, array $context) { // Add new ...

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