Version tags should be used for questions that apply to a version only, not to merely say what version a site is using.

Drupal 8 introduces major changes, such as:

  • Support for HTML 5
  • Improved support for web services
  • Improved multilingual support
  • Mobile devices
  • Configuration API
  • The Views module in core
  • Twig as templating engine instead of PHPTemplate

For a description about the current Drupal 8 initiatives, see the Drupal 8 initiatives group.

Use this tag only if your question relates specifically to this version.

Related tags

Each major release of Drupal is not compatible with the previous one; hence the importance of using, wherever appropriate, a version tag.

The other release specific version tags available today for the most commonly used releases are:

  • (Unsupported version)
  • (Unsupported version)