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How to create and check block revisions?

This is possible in Drupal 10, according to this post on as of January 8, 2023.
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Splitting exposed form filters amongst several blocks

There is a solution to this, you can use the module Configurable Views Filter Block to split your search field from the rest of your exposed form, it also natively works with better exposed filters. ...
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Can BigPipe exclude certain blocks?

I could not get 4uk4 solution to work but based on it I was able to use \Drupal\Core\Block\BlockPluginInterface; function MYMODULE_block_build_alter(array &$build, BlockPluginInterface $block) { ...
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Contextual links in block disabled when using Twig Tweak and UUID

When you use {{ drupal_entity('block_content', 'content_block_id') }}, Drupal skips the block template, which contains the code for contextual links. If you use {{ drupal_block('plugin_id') }}, it ...
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Block Configuration Form Returning Unexpected Value

The fix suggested by @unusedspoon took care of the radio element value problem. The form element value was properly set after removing the 'name' => 'field_log_file_format' attribute from the '...
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Cache two sets of nodes

As suggested in the comment, the solution to this problem is to provide its own cache context that checks if the current node id matches a list of nodes, and returns a different context string if this ...
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